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Do Something is more than a tag line for It’s an exhortation to move, to develop, to learn, to seek new and life changing experiences.

So while you’re here, Do …

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Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it Free?
Not usually, my kids need to eat too.

How much does it cost?
Check out the individual prices, they’re on the activity pages.

What should I bring?
Each activity differs slightly, Do Cornwall will forward any needed information to you prior to the activity. As a general rule, consider the weather and dress for comfort not style.

Will there be toilets?
Most of the time at activity beginning place or end point, sometimes more but not always available at a moments notice, plan ahead.

What is the youngest age?
Activities differ, for Canoeing and climbing six where participating, although a couple of smaller passengers in a group are ok. For others it is nearer eight to ten.

What if the weather is terrible?
Do Cornwall will advise you if the weather makes the activity unsafe, or the activity needs to be cancelled.

You can always call us on

07818 037791

Or use the Contact Form